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3 10, 2015

Voting in the SSU election

October 3rd, 2015|News & Events|Comments Off on Voting in the SSU election

Voting in the 2015 SSU election opens at 10:00am on Monday 5th October and closes 4:00pm on Friday 9th October. Voting is open at the Hawthorn, Croydon and Wantirna campuses at the below locations and times.

To vote, show your student ID to one of the polling clerks and they will provide you with ballot papers and instructions on how to vote.

Polling times






Hawthorn (Atrium)



12 midday-6pm



Croydon (Cafeteria)








24 09, 2015

Seriously Don’t Vote For Me candidate statement

September 24th, 2015|News & Events|Comments Off on Seriously Don’t Vote For Me candidate statement

NUS Delegate – Joshua Fernandez

Its that bloody time of the year again where students are pestered by a bunch of students who seem like theyre having too much fun to be standing outside in the rain/hail/shine give people flyers telling them to vote for you and in the process are busy selling themselves out to have glory in 2016 to then possibly do it all again in 2017 if the beast has magically forced them to stay in to run the very thing which they love but also hate and despise because its the reason why they cant sleep at night and worry about how to take care of things where there arent people there to explain to them what you can and cant do for students through the union and the university and society as a whole

When it comes to this sort of thing I think people should really figure out why theyre out there putting their heart and soul into it because its easy to say no thank you and to walk away but what youre doing is perpetuating the fact that people dont care about their community and the second things fall into crap you cry and moan that there was nothing there

Seriously if youre reading this im impressed so far, youve actually made the effort to try and understand what those kids are doing outside and its good to see that you care

When it comes to student activism I think people should care more because its these social movements which end up changing society and the things which we hold dear I mean look at the student movement stopping vietnam isnt that a great example I mean look theres also queer rights and feminism which people deeply care about and that was because of student movements

Everyone knows that its always been the young ones who change things and if you think things are going to change because some middle to upper class white male is going to change it because you asked nicely then im sorry but youre deeply mistaken because you dont seem to understand how power dynamics work and if you still disagree then I think you should check your privilege and try to understand REVOLUTION

Oh well enough about me rambling incoherently at this piece of paper and if you think this is bad then good work at reading my terrible handwriting

Seriously dont vote for me for some reason I thought it was a good idea to run this year and you know what this is my fifth year in a row in where ive run for something at the union and you know what its kinda nice being able to walk away from university and doing this because people take things too seriously sometimes and taking the piss is always an aussie thing to do right

The cake is a lie

Im running is because of hey well I think swinburne should be a place where ideas can be debated and competed against by people groups and organisations and student unionism and politics and activism has always provided for that like look at the majority of politicians who first started in their university days they would have gotten their ideas from being exposed to challenging views and I hate how that swinburne has magically castrated our ability to think by treating us like cash cows instead of vessels who can challenge I mean yeah sure thing good work if you do great as a start up venture capitalist but success shouldnt only be measured in terms of cash or how much your house is worth or how much excretions had to come out of a sperm whale so you smell like you do like come on whatever happened to doing things for people and community and not just your fat wallet and your bitter suburban american beauty or wolf of wall street existence

Im not dissing money in fact I very much like money like the next person but things wont change if people dont wake up smell the roses and try to assist people when they can im not asking you to be mother teresa for crying out loud its more just a wake up call to hey maybe at least have a conversation with someone whos looking down and see if you can help them and if its something you cant help out with at least try to be sympathetic instead of using three word slogans and being demoted three days before you get your massive paycheck to be replaced by some guy who was interviewed in the 80s who seemed to define yuppieism at its finest its pretty disgusting but at the same time its like one parody replaced another

P.S. The hidden gold is right under the