SustainabilityThe Swinburne Sustainability Collective emerged in 2010 and has been part of the Swinburne Student Union since 2012.

The collective and the environment and sustainability officer position provide a platform for students interested in environment/sustainability/the move towards an ecological civilization to come together and work towards actualising ecologically sound initiatives within and around Swinburne University.

In semester 1 of 2013, we campaigned to get the Union and the SSAA to commit to developing a sustainability policy.  The Union already has. We printed the Sustainability Collective alterna-cover which provides an alternative to the SSAA’s diary cover promoting junk food, energy drinks and consumer culture, and is the face of our Eco-Up Swinburne! campaign.  We also took names of people interested in letting the Union and the SSAA know that they would like to see more ethically sourced, health free and paid food options offered on campus.

If you’d like to receive our newsletter – released once a semester – and have your name added to our database let us know by sending an email to