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13 06, 2016

President’s Blog #22

June 13th, 2016|News & Events, President's Blog|0 Comments

Well this week was largely taken up with Exam help stall. We’ve had some great help from a few volunteers but it’s quite disappointing to see how many of our representatives haven’t put their hand up to do even one shift. Brendan and I have been rostered on almost every day and we really have other work that we should be doing, not to mention that this is costing me a fortune in myki money as I don’t normally use public transport and as a postgraduate student I don’t get concession.


It’s actually a rising concern of mine that representatives are not putting in the effort required of their role and it lets down the whole team. I hope work ethic picks up a bit once exams are over so that we can build for a productive and strong semester 2!

I sat down this week with our Executive Officer, Office and Finance Manager and our General Secretary to chat about how we can work on implementation of the auditor’s recommendations. This is largely around more policy and procedure documentation for clarity. We have plans to address all recommendations and will be implementing them as soon as possible. I’m really impressed with how few recommendations were submitted by the auditor as I was a bit worried as we had been with the same auditor for some time and weren’t sure if we were totally up to date in how we handle our bookkeeping and finance. Thankfully we were doing very well!

Also, in somewhat related news our General Secretary, Brendan and I got engaged! Yay for some union love!

Here is a photo of my ring for proof and just because I want to show off a bit 🙂


6 06, 2016

President’s Blog #21

June 6th, 2016|News & Events, President's Blog|0 Comments

This week revolved around 2 main activities; Semester 2 planning and University Council Election preparation.

We worked on a vague schedule for semester 2 events although at this stage we don’t have o-week and welcome back week fully sorted out as we don’t know what SSAA’s plans are. We have discussed all year doing the semester 2 orientation drinks in the bar but for some reason SSAA don’t seem to be too keen on this idea anymore. Not only would it save SO much money (security guards, rental of bar equipment) it is a much better location – particularly if the weather isn’t good! At this point we plan on running subsidised orientation drinks in there anyway, regardless of whether SSAA want to waste student’s money.

This week there was an information session for University Council Election information. There were around 5 people there which is beyond disappointing. Of course Brendan and I asked many questions, some of which we got convoluted answers to, some were unable to be answered. I can’t even begin to describe how flawed this election process is. Our only hope is getting a good candidate elected who can make some changes. Although with a first past the post system, it is not easy if two similar candidates are to run.
The university has really only advertised the opportunity in a way that will appeal to resume builders and will result in a large number of people nominating. It’s sad to see that the university itself doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously enough and applicants will not be aware of how much work they are applying for.
Unfortunately I am unable to apply as I am not a full time student. Unlike many other universities, Swinburne still will not acknowledge the Student Union president as a full time student. Unlike many other presidents I am still studying but obviously cannot take on a full study load due to my full time president responsibilities. It looks as though Brendan is the best candidate for the role at this point.

30 05, 2016

President’s Blog #20

May 30th, 2016|President's Blog|0 Comments

This week I will keep it short and just talk about our AGM. Whilst we didn’t have a massive turnout in person, we had the most engaging AGM I’ve personally ever seen at the SSU. We took the opportunity to use Facebook Live so people could tune in online and watch our AGM. It also allowed people to ask questions in real time and we could engage on camera and also online following the meeting. I can’t speak highly enough of how well this technology worked for us and I’m very keen to use it more. Transparency is so important and it also helps our online students to be more engaged! A massive win for us 🙂