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16 05, 2016

President’s Blog #18

May 16th, 2016|President's Blog|0 Comments

This week I attended another Activities Advisory Committee meeting on behalf of the SSU. Once again I am astounded by this committee trying to be some kind of legitimate board with talk of spending money on t-shirts etc. I can’t believe the SSAA would think this is at all necessary. Luckily I was able to talk the group out of wanting to waste money on t-shirts as we really are just a discussion group.
I note that it feels as though the group is for SSAA to put forward some ideas and that is what happens as long as the group isn’t too against it. I’m really not sure that this group is at all necessary.

James and I had a meeting with some Croydon staff this week to talk about offering training at Croydon for Barista and Hospitality courses. I’m really excited to see that barista training would be pretty easy to implement, given that our Café manager Debbie is a qualified trainer and is keen to do this. With the help of the existing enrolment system for short courses at Croydon, we are now working to set up Barista training from our Croydon campus with the possibility of extending this service in the future. A great success!

22 04, 2016

President’s Blog #16

April 22nd, 2016|President's Blog|0 Comments

Well on Monday we had a council meeting but there isn’t too much to report from that aside from the fact that we have set our AGM date  – Thursday 26th May. We will be promoting this more and it’s a great chance to come along, hear what we have been up to and ask us any questions you would like.

On Tuesday morning Brendan and I met with Andrew J Smith to talk about the SSU’s funding for the second half of the year as we still don’t have an agreement in place (we are currently on an interim agreement until the 30th June). It was actually a really productive chat and I believe we discussed many important ideas. We spoke about what we desperately need funded and also talked about ways we can move forwards in generating our own revenue more.
We will be following up with some proposals and I’m confident that we are heading in a positive direction.

Also on Tuesday, our Women’s Rep Abi and I met with the National Women’s Officer Heidi to talk about SSAF and women’s issues.  It was great to have NUS visit us again and we had some great discussion. We are looking in to a screening of the Hunting Ground at Swinburne. I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

On Thursday Paul Kneebone from Student Advancement came to present at Ed Board about the Centre for Student Leadership. It is an interesting concept and if done well I think it could be very beneficial for many students. However, I told him to be expecting a very long email from me with feedback. He knows I don’t hold back with my thoughts J

Also got to have a quick chat with Rob Simms, the Greens Higher Education Spokesperson during the week to follow up on our meeting last year. He is happy to help us out in any way he can, particularly SSAF related matters.

15 04, 2016

Presidents Blog # 15

April 15th, 2016|President's Blog|0 Comments

This week James our Executive Officer, Brendan our General Secretary and I got to meet with Kornel Koffsovitz and talk about how the University can comply with the SSAF guidelines and what a best practice model of consultation and distribution would look like. I’m really hoping the suggestions that he puts forward to the University come to fruition and next year is the year that Swinburne actually acts appropriately with their SSAF.

On Thursday I was meant to go with Anthony our Education Officer and Suzanne our Education Academic Affairs Officer to meet with Swinburne Online but in the end stayed at Hawthorn to work on material for the Bookshop AGM.

The Bookshop AGM was held and the union unofficially supported two candidates who ran for the board. These candidates were James Searle, our executive officer, and Dr. Viv Farrell, a long serving academic at Swinburne. I’m happy to report that they were both successful and the board is looking healthier than it has in a long time. I am confident that they will work on re-building the business and keeping the bookshop open for students.

I’ve also been organising acts for our Open Mic night which I’m super excited about. Make sure to check it out on FB and come along on the night – 28th April.

On Thursday Night our Gen Sec and I went along to Beau Stegmann’s Comedy Festival show, utilising our Swinburne 50% off promo code. It was amazing and I definitely recommend going to see him if you get the chance!