By-election results

The results for the March 2017 by-election are below. All the listed candidates are declared duly elected. Note that this list includes candidates who were elected unopposed.

Education Public Affairs Officer (Council)
Akbar Syed (EVOLVE)

People of Colour Representative (Council)
Tarek ElMaghrabi (EMPOWER)

Indigenous Representative (Council)
Neane Carter (EMPOWER)

General Representative (Council)
Letisia Cherian

Media Committee Editor
Felix McPhie (EMPOWER)

Swinburne International Students’ Association (SISA) Committee Member
1. Param Mahal (EVOLVE)
2. Leticia Cherian

Queer Representative (Welfare Board)
Nikki Nievaart (EMPOWER)

There was a tie for the position of Department of Design, Media & ICT Representative. As per the Regulations another by-election will be held where the only nominees eligible to run are the candidates who ran in the first by-election (being Ash Erben & Andy Tran). Information will be posted about this in the coming days.

The full count and distribution report can be downloaded here.