UPDATE 24th March 2017 – see http://ssu.org.au/march-by-election-outcome-of-nomination/ for the outcome of nominations and ballot details.

UPDATE 25th March 2017 – the original polling dates for Hawthorn were listed as Monday 27th March & Tuesday 28th March. They will now be Tuesday 28th March and Wednesday 29th March. The times for polling remain the same.

Swinburne Student Union is seeking nominations from students for vacant positions on various committees for 2017. Students’ Council and Media Committee positions are eligible to receive honoraria (see the table below).

To nominate, fill in the online form at https://goo.gl/p0qhwg before 5pm on Friday 24th March.

Candidates may choose to organise together under a common banner (a ticket). Tickets are for the purpose of group identification only. If you choose to register a ticket, the candidates on that ticket will have the ticket name printed next to their name on the ballot paper. If you would like to register a ticket, please organise for your registering officer (which must be one of the candidates) to fill out this online form: https://goo.gl/522o5J.

Note that all candidates on a ticket will be required to email the Returning Officer directly at elections@ssu.org.au to confirm that they consent to being on that ticket. It is the responsibility of the registering officer and the candidate to ensure that the ticket registration form and confirmation emails are completed. No candidates will be listed as being on a ticket without a confirmation email.


Committee Position Suggested hours per week Eligible honoraria Eligibility requirements
Council Education Public Affairs Officer 15 $4,000
Croydon Campus Chair 15 $4,000 Must be studying primarily at Croydon for the following Teaching Period
Wantirna Campus Chair 15 $4,000 Must be studying primarily at Wantirna for the following Teaching Period
Indigenous Representative 15 $4,000 Must identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
People of Colour Representative 15 $4,000 Must identify as being of an ethnically and culturally diverse background
General Representative (one (1) position) 5 $1,000
Education Board Department of Foundation & Pathways Representative 5 $0 Must be enrolled as a DFP student
Department of Design, Media & ICT Representative 5 $0 Must be enrolled as a DDMI student
Department of Business & Finance Representative 5 $0 Must be enrolled as a DBF student
Department of Health, Science, Education & Social Services Representative 5 $0 Must be enrolled as a DHSES student
Department of Trades & Engineering Technology Representative 5 $0 Must be enrolled as a DTET student
National Institute of Circus Arts Representative 5 $0 Must be enrolled as a student in NICA
Open Universities Australia Representative 5 $0 Must be enrolled as an Open Universities Australia student
Swinburne International Students Association (SISA) Committee SISA Committee Member (two (2) positions) 5 $0 Must be enrolled as an International student
Media Committee (Swine Magazine) Editor (one (1) position) 15 $2,500
Other positions Queer Representative on Welfare Board 5 $0 Must not be a cis-gendered male

Position descriptions:

Education Board


Nominations open:                Monday 6th March, 2017, 9:00am
Nominations close:   
            Friday 24th March, 2016, 5:00pm

Polling place:                         Hawthorn SSU Office (UN Level 4), Wantirna (WB)1, Croydon (CF)1
Polling dates:                         28 March & 29 March (Hawthorn), 29 March1 & 30 March (Outer campuses) 1
Polling times:                         9:30am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 4:30pm

1 Croydon and Wantirna polling will only be open if there are candidates from those campuses nominated.

2 If a ballot is required for the OUA Representative, an online ballot will be conducted from 27th March 2017 to 28th March 2017.

Students at Croydon or Wantirna and students studying Online can register for a postal ballot by contacting the Returning Officer at elections@ssu.org.au before 5pm on Friday 24th March 2017. The email must include your name, student number and postal address.