Well this week we have had some ups and some downs. We had our monthly council meeting on Monday and due to missing three meetings in a row without apology our Hawthorn Campus Chair position has now become vacant once again. We did discuss some important things though;

  • We have set a date for the annual elections – from Monday 3rd October 2016 to Friday 7th October 2016 (Week 9 of Semester 2)
  • Council endorsed Brendan Spackman-Williams as candidate for the University Council elections.
    • Unfortunately our International Representative resigned from the union to run in these elections against the Union candidate. A decision very upsetting to me personally as it goes against the union and creates a divide – allowing somebody else entirely to come up and get the position due to the absolutely horrible election system used here – first past the post. I can’t speak strongly enough against this flawed system.
  • We have deferred discussion of our financial delegation policy as it was not circulated. I’ll be very happy to get this policy in place though as per the auditor’s recommendations.

Also Wednesday was our Office and Finance Manager’s last day before he is on holiday to America for a few weeks. I know we will miss him but I think he will be too busy having fun to miss us at all!

Later in the week our Executive Officer, General Secretary and I conducted a number of interviews for a new Café Manager at our Croydon Café. We have had some really good applicants but we have a couple more interviews to conduct early next week.
Unfortunately our current manager Debbie has indicated that she would like to step back in terms of time and responsibilities due to health reasons but she will still be there working just as hard I’m sure.

Next week will be a big week!