Declaration and Summary of Results

Prepared by James Wangmann of Argent Elections

What follows is a summary of candidates elected to contested positions at the Swinburne Student Union election held between 17 and 21 September. All positions were declared on the basis on front page votes. Whilst the margin for PAVE Representative was less than balance of valid ballot packs that did not indicate an front page preference, upon inspection it was discovered that there were no additional valid votes for either candidate.


Samuel Roberts Together 1410
Steven Blacker Activate 657

General Secretary

Param Mahal Together 1410
Nikki Nievaart Activate 657


Artemis Capa Together 1410
Viktoria Ivanova Activate 657
Suhas Shetty Neelavara Shridhar 0


Fergus Clancy Together 1410
Darcy Cleeland Activate 657


James Atkins Together 1410
Jessabelle Awanda Breen Activate 657

Women’s Representative

Ananya Shah Together 1410
Kelsey Rose Bock Activate 657

Health & Disabilites Representative

Malaika Ghafari Together 1410
Reece Druiven Activate 657

Communications Officer

Andrew White Together 1410
Sarah Ewing Activate 657

Postgraduate Representative

Keerthana Ramesh Together 639
Sandhya Nair Activate 132

International Representative

Sridharshini Dhinakaran Together 977
Raksha Yadalam Activate 255

PAVE Representative

Syeda Zehra Together 58
Takara Musgrove Activate 43

Swine Editor

Ananya Shah Together 1410
Abbey Thorpe Activate 657

Hawthorn Campus Chair

Budveen Hewabaddage Together 1368
Xzavier Kelly Activate 654

 General Members (3)

Front Page Vote

Together 1410
Activate 657
BTL 69
Quota 535


Shrujal Sukhadia Together
Noah Holden Activate
Shalaka Jaiswal Together

National Union of Students (7)

Front page votes

Together 1410
Activate 657
BTL 69
Quota 268


Steven Blacker Activate 4
Ananya Shah Together
James Atkins Together 7
Viktoria Ivanova Activate
Param Mahal Together 2
Noah Holden Activate
Benjamin John Lucas Activate
Darcy Cleeland Activate 6
Takara Musgrove Activate
Andrew White Together
Samuel Roberts Together 1
Artemis Capa Together 3
Fergus Clancy Together 5
Xzavier Kelly Activate



Any objections to this result must be lodged in accordance with Section XIII of the Election Regulations, which are reproduced below

Part XIII – Objections

93) Submission of Objections

  1. An eligible voter or candidate may submit an objection under this clause where they are of the opinion that;
    1. this schedule has not been implemented as required; or
    2. a candidate or agent of a candidate has acted in breach of this schedule; or
  • the Returning Officer or other polling official has not acted in good faith
  1. Objections should be submitted as soon as possible but no later than three (3) days following the day on which an objector becomes aware of an alleged infraction and, in any case, no later than three (3) days following declaration of the poll.
  2. Objections must be in writing, delivered to the Returning Officer either directly, by email or by facsimile, and in a form specified by the Returning Officer in the advice to candidates under clause 40.
  3. The objection shall state the facts and grounds of objection and shall ask for some specific remedial action to secure justice and equity



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2 OCTOBER 2018

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