In accordance with the Constitution and Electoral Regulations of the Swinburne Student Union Inc, at 10am on Monday 5 August 2019 nominations will be open for the following positions:

Nominations close at 1.00pm on Friday 16 August 2019

Nomination forms are available from
All deadlines are strict and cannot be extended. Candidates are strongly urged to lodge their forms well before deadline.
All forms should be delivered personally to the Returning Officer or an election official or lodged with the Student Union office in the UN Building for the Returning Officer.
Where this is not practicable, please contact the Returning Officer to make other arrangements. Do not post forms without prior arrangement, as no responsibility will be taken for late or lost forms under those circumstances. Nominations must be on the official nomination form.
These elections will be conducted in accordance with the Constitution and Election Regulations of the Swinburne Student Union. Copies of these documents are available from Student Union office and on the Student Union’s website Candidates and campaigners are strongly urged to read these documents as they provide the binding rules for this election.


Polling will occur from Monday 2 September to Friday 6 September 2019. All students are eligible to vote in the elections, regardless whether they are members of SSU (notwithstanding specific positions which are to be elected by restricted constituencies).


Candidates may choose to organise together under a common banner (ticket). Tickets are for group identification only. Ticket registration forms will be available online at
Ticket registrations are due by the close of nominations.

*Restrictions on Election

  • Any student member may nominate for the Swinburne Student Union Inc. council, board and committee positions.
  • Each nominee shall require a financial member of the Student Union to nominate them. A nominee may not nominate themselves for election.
    At the time of close of nominations, the nominee must be qualified to vote at the election for which the nominee is a candidate
  • Nominees for all positions except for Media Committee & NUS Delegate must be financial members of the SSU.
  • Nominees for the positions of President, Education Officer, Welfare Officer and General Secretary must have been enrolled at Swinburne University of Technology for at least one contiguous Teaching Period within the previous two Teaching Periods.
  • No candidate may nominate for or simultaneously hold more than one position per Student Union body. Candidates may nominate and simultaneously hold a position on Council as well as SUPA, SISA, Media Committee or any other committee up for election.

Contact Details

For all forms and other election material, contact the SSU Office at the Hawthorn Campus or visit the Student Union website:

Notices will be posted on Student Union noticeboards.

0433 435 350

4 AUGUST 2019

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