2019 Student Services and Amenities Fee Funding Application

Placing student success at the heart of Swinburne

Over the past six months Swinburne Student Union has been actively researching, planning, and consulting members to develop the attached 2019 SSAF Funding Application.

This funding application aims to secure SSU’s portion of the 2019 Student Services and Amenities Fee, to help maintain our ongoing provision of student services and activities in 2019.

As SSU’s President, Mr Sam Roberts, explains “2018 has and will continue to be a massive year for the Union. As an example, this year alone we’ve provided over 6500 free breakfasts, over 3000 Welfare on Wheels support packs and academic supplies for over 5000 students via our Exam Help Stall.”

“In 2019 we want to increase the value of our services through expanding welfare on wheels to a weekly event, by providing more social events and clubs based support packages through the Hammer & Swine, and through improving our advocacy of student interests within official Swinburne committees and forums.”

As identified within the Funding Application, SSU is seeking to increase its share of the total SSAF fund to $585,230 in 2019, or approximately 10% of the total annual SSAF collected.

“In the scheme of things SSU does an amazing amount with the trickle of SSAF funding we actually receive. Other Victorian Student Unions get between 25-50% of the total SSAF revenue, whereas this year we’ve only received about 9%. Yet many of these other Unions still look with envy at the amount of services SSU manages to deliver. Imagine what we could do if we were properly funded.”

It should also be noted that the portion of SSAF funding SSU receives equates to less than 50% of its total annual revenue; meaning SSU also generates its own income to help ‘grow the pie’ of student support services at Swinburne.

Please take the time to review the attached application and please feel free to share your feedback, or to let Swinburne know you support SSU receiving 10% in 2019.

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