Anti-Poverty Week Information

Have a look at some of the alarming data on the state of student finances, which is followed by practical advice and tips on knowing your rights and how to maintain them.

View Information Slides Here: Anti Poverty Week


Key content:

The State of University Student Finances (Slide 5 – 46)

  • Research Context
  • Family-dependent vs. financially-independent
  • Employment affect
  • Experience by cohort


Legal Issues for Students (Slides 47-73)

  • Centrelink
  • Infringements & Fines
  • Tenancy Issues


Financial Advice and Support for University Students (Slides 74-80)

  • National Debt Helpline
  • Centrelink Debts
  • HECS-HELP Debts


Make Renting Fair (Slides 81-89)

  • Tenants Victoria Services
  • Residential Tenancies Act Legislative change (Vic)


Working? know your rights – Information for Students (Slides 90-99)

  • Wage theft in Australia
  • Minimum Conditions
  • Getting what you are owed

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