SSU Netflix Watch Party Review: April 15th

SSU Netflix Watch Party

Thanks for joining in!

The SSU sat down for yet another Brooklyn Nine-Nine watch part viewing last night. Thanks to those who joined in and we hope you enjoyed.

Why watch parties?
You could watch a show without us getting involved right, so why join in?

The way we see it, whether you’re stuck at home alone or sharing a space with a bunch of besties – sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else to hang out with. Perhaps your love of all things Terry is not shared with your housemates. Maybe your roomies don’t appreciate your Gina‘tude. But we will. We’re here to share and here to care.

If you’re part of a student club and would like to host a watch party, get in touch with the SSU – we’d love to promote your event. The more the merrier!


Watch Party Recap: Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

Whips, Ships and Archaeological Trips…plus a bunch of other transportation devices, explosions and a few ancient relics.

The History Society Watch Party Recap

Preparing ourselves for what’s to come

It was Friday night and we were feeling alright as we logged in for yet another Watch Party – this time, hosted by the History Society.

Me prepping my sick comments for the chat room

Tonight’s viewing? 1981 action adventure film, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. As the first Instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise, this film was not about to settle for simply one adventure when you could have it all. Oh, and let’s make the first scene a sequel to the next Indiana Jones movie, that we release 3 YEARS AFTER THIS ONE. Because why not.

It’s a busy schedule for this whip cracking, college teaching, gruffly speaking archaeologist as the film moves from South America, on to the US, a quick pit stop in Nepal to set some stuff on fire and punch some Nazis, before finally ending up in Cairo.

Within the first 5 minutes of the film, we saw vine swinging, whip cracking, betrayal, shiny objects, and boulder dashing à la Crash.

Running away from my problems

So of course it was not long before the History Soc had placed in to effect some viewing games that let’s just say, were achieved more quickly than anyone had thought possible…

We were in for a bumpy ride

All in all, this film has adventure, high speed chases, explosions, fisticuffs, a half assed romance, snakes and more. It is action packed, and quickly shot to highest grossing film of 1981 for good reason. The History Society definitely took us on a history lesson of a sort with this one, with the added bonus of History Soc Leader Blaine throwing in some fun behind the scenes facts.

Cheers for the watch!



SSU Watch Party Recap: Brooklyn 99

We logged in, we watched, we conquered

With 2 minute noodle dinner and whatever beverage could be found in the fridge in hand, a group of Swinburne students gathered for their first Netflix Watch Party. The mood was tense as your guest SSU host for the evening managed to leave the group entirely and start a new watch party, guest list: party of one…

Luckily, a number of brave participants made the journey across the cyber seas to find their clearly inadequate captain for the evening, and the viewing party was saved!

The Show? Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Episode? A Halloween special of course. Nothing like a good heist to get conversation going on a Thursday night. The watch party group chat was rife with nine-nine quotes, debate over the best Halloween special, and talk of shady health product pyramid schemes.

At the end of the viewing, the decision was unanimous. Should a heist take place at Swinburne, our beloved Alex the Lion would be the target. Cheer up Alex – at least you got a mention. Overall, we had a great turn out of viewers for our first watch party and really appreciated the chat group banter. The SSU will be looking to run more of these events, so keep an eye out for future dates and opportunities to submit your viewing requests!


2018 Pride Celebration

On Wednesday 17th Oct, SSU’s Queer Representative, Jane Owen, was thrilled to take centre stage in Swinburne’s 2018 Pride Celebration and campus march.


“It was an absolute honour to represent the queer students of Swinburne in this event. To meet Morgan (Morgan Carpenter, the Event’s Keynote speaker) who is a wonderful champion for the rights of intersex and diverse communities, and to speak with Linda (Linda Kristjanson, Swinburne’s Vice-Chancellor) and Jane (Jane Ward Swinburne’s Vice-President Engagement) about the experience of Swinburne’s queer students was quite an opportunity and a thrill.”


As well as discussing the experience of Swinburne’s LGBTIQ student community with Swinburne leaders, Jane also had the honour of helping lead the Pride procession throughout campus.


“It’s really important to show up and participate in these events. They say up to 80% of all LGBTIQ bullying happens in education settings. So to be here, leading a march through campus, to celebrate Pride is so important.”


After the march, all guests and friends were invited back to the SSU’s on-campus bar, the Hammer & Swine, for a Pride after party which also included the public creation of a rainbow banner of handprints symbolising Pride at Swinburne. The banner itself will now be displayed within the Queer Space.


Swinburne Student Union’s Queer officer, the Swinburne Queer Collective and the Swinburne Queer Space are available to help any LGBTIQ students and allies of LGBTIQ students seeking support, advice or simply to connect and get involved in campus life.


Do degrees cause financial distress?

Did you know in 2017 the median annual income for full-time university students was approximately $4,000 below the identified ‘poverty line’ for single Australian adults?

                                                   -University student finances 2017. Report for Universities Australia


As part of Anti-Poverty Week 2018, Swinburne Student Union is hosting a public facing forum to address topical and often-times critical issues impacting the social and economic experience of tertiary students, such as the growing occurrence of tertiary student homelessness.

The aim of the forum seeks to both shine some much needed light upon issues that may not otherwise get the public airing and recognition they deserve, while also providing some tangible tips, tricks and advice to those attending the forum; life-hacks and insights from service area specialists and experts.

While this forum aims to engage current students of Swinburne, it’s also an opportunity for Swinburne staff, stakeholders and anyone interested to engage with the assembled expert presenters and panellists.

Participating speakers and panellists at the forum will include:

  • Ms Samantha Marangell, Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne who will deliver a presentation on key findings from Universities Australia research on the ‘State of Student Finances 2017’
  • Ms Rachel Spencer, Associate Professor & Director Monash Law Clinics
  • Mr Adrian Campion, Tenants Victoria
  • Ms Elizabeth Minter, Financial Counselling Australia
  • Ms Linda Cargill, National Tertiary Education Union

Some key facts from the Universities Australia research:

In 2017:

  • the median annual income for full-time university students was ~$4,000 below the identified ‘poverty line’ for single Australian adults
  • 14% of student survey respondents regularly went without food and other necessities (up to 25% of Indigenous students and 20% of students from low SES backgrounds)
  • 60% identified finances as a source of worry
  • 33% had living expenses exceeding their income
  • 10% deferred studies and 20% reduced study load due to financial reasons
  • 80% balanced study and work, with 1/3 of full-time students working 20+ hours a week
  • 30% regularly missed lectures & classes due to paid work commitments.


Do degrees cause financial distress?

Swinburne Student Union Anti-Poverty Week Forum 2018

Tuesday 16th October, 4.30 – 6.00pm


ATC101 (Advanced Technologies Centre Lecture Theatre)

Swinburne University