5 Ways to Enjoy the Tesselaar Tulip Festival as a Student

We have 5 fantastic ways to enjoy an adventure in a wonderland of spring flowers at the 2018 Tesselaar Tulip Festival .Held in Melbourne’s magical Dandenong Ranges from September 15 – October 14, 2018, there’s still a few weeks to catch the blooms!

Date idea

If you’re trying to impress that special girl / guy in your life, you can’t really go wrong bringing them to a field of flowers. At $28 a ticket it’s cheaper than a bunch of flowers and it’s also the perfect place to get that facebook official photo.

Not convinced? Have a look at this cute couple featured on the Tesselaar Tulip Festival Facebook Page earlier this week:

‘Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Yael. Yael and her family loved the tulips at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival and they visited many times. Then one day, when Yael was much older, she met Simon. And Simon loved tulips too. So for their first date, way back in 2003, they came to the Tulip Festival. Yael and Simon were married. And soon enough, on June 29 this year, they had a beautiful baby girl. And guess what they called her? Yes, you guessed it! Tulip. ? ? ? A huge thank you to Yael and Simon for visiting yesterday and introducing us to Baby Tulip. We look forward to many more family photos of you all at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival.’

Take your mum

Remember your mum? You know, the woman who gave you life, thousands of meals, clothes for your back and a good education? Pay her back for all that by taking her to the tulip festival! It’s a fun bonding activity that doesn’t involve the pokies or fixing her computer.

Photographers dream location

Photography students, deep artists and wannabe Instagram models this is the place for you! With as many photo-ops as there are tulips, you’ll be there all day. The only thing that gets more likes than colourful flowers is a cute dog and colourful flowers, which brings us to our next point…

Dog spotting

Dog spotting isn’t just an insanely popular facebook group, it’s also a real life hobby / serious lifestyle. Kind of like bird watching but with puppers instead of pigeons, the Tulip Festival is a prime spot for dog watching. Better yet, bring your own four legged friend and do a photoshoot in the flowers.

Get your Irish on

I think we can all agree that one St Patrick’s day a year just isn’t enough. Get into the Irish Spirit this weekend  (Friday 5th – Sunday 7th) by enjoying some Guinness and watching some Irish dancing, then frolic through the flowers while Irish pipers play.





The 6 people in your presentation group

The bossy one:

Immediately makes it known they’re in charge. Completely dominates the group and shuts down anyone else’s ideas.

The over the top one:

Really into the presenting, but not much for content.

The one with no idea:

You’re not even sure how they finished highschool let alone got into your course.

The ghost:

They were there at the first class, but where are they now? No one has heard or seen from them in weeks.

The nervous one:

They’d rather take their chances in a pool of sharks than speak infront on your peers – but at least they showed up.


The ‘normal’ one – who are you kidding? You’re one of the others.