Hawthorn Locker Rentals

Locker are located on Level 4 of the UN Building and are available to rent on a Semester or Full year basis. Lock rentals at Hawthorn open on the first day of Semester 1 and are available to rent from the Student Union Office on Level 4 of the UN Building. Members of the Union enjoy discounted locker hire, sign up today to get getting benefits.

Members Non Members
Full Year Full Year Full Year Full Year
Large  $          120  $           90  $          140  $          110
Wooden  $          110  $           80  $          140  $          120
Medium  $            90  $           70  $          120  $          100
Small  $            80  $           60  $          110  $            90

Croydon & Wantirna Lockers

Lockers at the Croydon and Wantirna Campus are available to rent on a yearly or term basis. All locker rentals included a $5 key deposit which will be refunded upon return of the locker key.

Member Non Member
Full Year  $            30  $                   45
Term  $            10  $                   15

Locker rentals are available from the Student Union Cafe on the Croydon Campus in the CF Building. Drop by during opening ours to rent your locker.

Wantirna lockers are available by completing the online Locker Rental Form. Upon receipt of the application and payment details. SSU will allocate a locker and forward the key to Wantirna Library and studentHQ’ for collection. Students will be notified within 2-5 days to collect key and access locker.