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Our digital resources are here to help you out with your concerns and queries about employment, housing, visa and more.

Below you will find a range of digital resources from the SSU and our range of events we have offered.

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Print Planners


Plan your day with our printable planning sheets. Schedule your tasks on the half hour and make sure you schedule in some breaks! Write out your to do list and set your top priorities for the day – you’re not going to get every task done every day but if you can get your top priorities you know you’ve had a successful day.




Got a million different readings and topics to cover in the next few weeks? Keep track of them with this listing sheet! List your readings and topics in the left column, note the date you’d like to complete them by in the middle and after completion rate your understanding by colouring in the dots in the right column. If your understanding is low, you know you will need to come back to this topic later.


Study Apps


Stay focused, be present

If you find yourself constantly checking your phone when you should be studying then we’ve got the app for you. Forest is a simple app available on IOS and Android which uses visual stimulation to encourage you to stay focused.

Whenever you want to focus, plant a virtual tree in the game and set the time it will take for the tree to grow (between 10 minutes and 2 hours). If you leave the app within the time set, your cute little virtual tree will die. If you succeed you’ll be able to build a forest that visually represents your focused time.

Overtime your virtual forest can even help you plant a real tree! Once you gain 2,500 coins in the app Forest donates real money to Trees for the Future, a charity focused on planting fast growing tress in Africa to replace the trees lost by food systems.



Motivate yourself to achieve your goals by gamifying your life

If you’re a fan of RPGs or just a bit bored of the regular to-do lists, check out Habitica. With both app and web functionality Habitica encourages you to build good habits and increase your productivity. The initial set up can take a bit of time, but it’s also a good way to ‘brain dump’ all the tasks you need to get done before your exams.

After you’ve completed one of your habits, daily goals or to-do list items, check them off to level up your avatar and unlock in-game features such as magic skills, quests and pets!



A pedometer based alarm clock

If your biggest fear is missing your timed assessments from hitting ‘snooze’ too many times, check out Walk Me Up App. Walk Me Up is an alarm clock that won’t stop ringing until you have completed a certain number of steps. Don’t even think about trying to trick it by shaking your phone, it’ll know and punish you for cheating!

Study Music