FAQ – What’s Affecting Students Mental Health

Swinburne Student Union is aware that the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted students in varying ways. It is understandable that during times like this, people may be feeling worried, anxious and/or overwhelmed by the constantly changing environment that has been brought about due to the spread of the virus. It is clear from our Student Impact Survey that students are concerned about their mental health and the flow on effects that this may have on study, grades and relationships.


YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Issues affecting our students and their mental health


I live on campus, but I want to move out – What can I do?

Feeling stressed due to financial hardship? Worried about your on-campus living situation in light of the current Government advice around social distancing? Feeling anxious about being away from family during this time?

Any student who breaks their lease during this time will not be penalised. Contact to discuss your options surrounding on-campus accommodation.


I’m worried that my grades will drop due to COVID-19 – What if I fail a subject?

Swinburne has made the decision that students who fail this semester will not have their fail grades recorded on their academic transcript and any fail grades this semester will not have an impact on your grade point average (GPA).

Please note: you will need to repeat the unit that was failed if it is a core or pre-requisite unit, and you will be charged fees for the unit. More info around enrolment can be found here.


I’m suffering financially – Where can I get help?

On top of the Australian Government’s Coronavirus Supplement payment, Swinburne has established their own Student Emergency Fund for students who have been impacted by an emergency, including COVID-19. Eligible students will be able to access a one-off grant of up to $1,000. You can submit your application online. Please note that if you are currently receiving ABSTUDY, Austudy or Youth Allowance you will not be eligible.



The SSU are acutely aware of how important it is for students to not only be able to manage their mental health, but to also be supported professionally and personally throughout their education. We have put together a list of resources that are currently available in Australia and we encourage anyone experiencing any distress, anxiety, depression or other changes to their mental health to seek out support.


What is Mental Health?

If you are unsure about how to define the term mental health, or think you may be experiencing changes in your own mental health, then check out Headspace. They have a whole section dedicated to explaining the different ways in which young people may be affected by mental health, explanations of various disorders, and helpful tools for coping.


Managing Mental Health During COVID-19

Lifeline have put together a great list of mental health and wellbeing tips to help you look after yourself and others during these difficult times. Some of our favourite tips include:

Show compassion and kindness to one another

Connect with family and friends

Create a daily routine that includes things you enjoy, and projects that you have been putting off

Limit your news and media exposure

For a full list of handy wellbeing tips, check out their page.


Counselling and Services

Beyond Blue is currently building a dedicated COVID-19 Mental Health Support Service. This service will offer free counselling by mental health professionals for all people in Australia 24/7, both online and over the phone. Keep an eye out for this service via their website.

If you’re having concerns over something unrelated to COVID-19, you can also check out this comprehensive list of available support services, with listings for support including mental health, multicultural communities, sexual assault, domestic/family violence and more.

The Victorian Government Health Information site also allows you to search for mental health services located near you, including maps and descriptions of services.

Swinburne University also offers student support through Wellbeing at Swinburne, as well as the Out of Hours Crisis Line – which is available from 4pm – 10am weekdays and 24hours on weekends and public holidays. Call 1300 854 144 or text 0488 884 145 to access this service. For International Students, Swinburne’s International Student Advisers can be reached via email or phone including 24-hour urgent assistance.


To find out answers to other Frequently Asked Questions or to ask your own, visit our COVID-19 FAQ page

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