Swinburne Student Survival Guide

How to have fun on a student budget?

As a student, I’m sure a lot of you have big goals, and saving up would be the first priority that comes to your mind, but at the same time, we would like to have some fun with our friends. So, how can you take both fun and saving money into account?

- SSU provides fun activities at a low cost

If you haven't heard of SSU (Swinburne Student Union), you're seriously missing out. Swinburne Student Union is led by a group of students elected by Swinburne students and supported by an incredible staff team. The student representatives work to ensure that the university hears the students' voices. They actively solicit student feedback, attend university meetings, plan campaigns, organise events, and much more. Furthermore, they occasionally host events and parties for as little as $10 or for free! Isn't that amazing? You could even bring your friends who aren't Swinburne students to the events and parties without having to break the bank.

- Places to go or things to do without the need to break your bank

  1. State Library Victoria
  2. National Gallery of Victoria
  3. Lido's Student Wednesday for $8
  4. Go for a long walk along St Kilda beach
  5. Scooter riding around the city with your friends
  6. Check out the exhibitions (Some exhibitions don’t require you to pay for the entrance fees)
  7. Lucky Thursdays: $5 entrance fees, $5 shots, $5 vodkas for students every Thursday night.
  8. The Hawthorn Hotel: Tightarse Tuesday - Drinks are as low as $6 for students every Tuesday night.
  9. Point Ormond - Its a good place to catch the sunsets with your friends or your loved ones. You could even do a small picnic there if you’re in the mood

Listen to studying abroad on a podcast called Life in General with Vanessa Chim, an international student from Swinburne.