IT Service Agreement reached, new PCs for students

Over the past month Swinburne Student Union has been working in partnership with Swinburne University’s IT Services Division to establish a formal Agreement supporting the maintenance and replacement of the Union’s Print-Room and Administration computers.

While this is an important and a positive outcome for the Union and for Swinburne University, yet, it is current Swinburne student users of the Union’s Print Service who will benefit most from what the agreement delivers.

Over recent months, the Union’s Print Room service had become increasingly unstable, due to the age of the service PCs, complicated by the roll-out of a new IT operating system. For student’s meant increased waiting times and a poorer overall experience. Happily, the new IT Services Agreement has resulted in SSU’s fleet of Print Room PCs being replaced with brand new devices that will remain fully maintained and regularly replaced as their useful lifecycle concludes.

Mr Sam Robert, SSU’s President commented “we are excited to announce our existing stock of old and tired PCs has now been replaced by newer models that are 100% problem-free and fit-for-purpose. Students users of our Print Service are recognising the benefits immediately”.

The Swinburne Student Union operates the lowest charging Print Service for students at Swinburne’s Hawthorn Campus, with all financial members of the Union receiving $1.80 of complimentary printing credit each day, and with printing costing as little as 9 cents per sheet.

“Our Print Service is not here to make money for the Union. It is an important administrative facility needed by students. Students already have enough fees and charges on what little income they receive through Austudy and working part-time jobs on top of full-time study commitments. If SSU can help keep things more affordable, then that’s what we should do”, said Mr Roberts, “we’re really pleased to have reached this Agreement with Swinburne University”.

For further comment please contact:

Mr Sam Roberts
SSU President
0401 503 150
Or Mr Matt Posetti
SSU Executive Officer
0437 59 59 00
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