SSU Masters of Cooking

The SSU proudly presents ‘Masters in Cooking’ – a cooking competition from your home to ours. We want you to submit your favourite recipe for your chance to win!

Your recipe can be sweet, savoury, crazy or simple. The most exciting/delicious sounding recipes will be shortlisted, and our SSU Mediocre Chefs will then film themselves cooking your signature dish at home! Dishes will be judged based on taste, skill level required, and ability to cook in any kitchen.

There will be prizes in 3 categories:
1. Best Savoury Dish
2. Best Sweet Dish
3. Best ‘On a Budget’ Meal
And the best bit? ALL of the recipes submitted will be compiled in to an SSU cookbook for students! This is your chance to share your culinary masterpiece with the world.
Will you be the first SSU Master in Cooking?
How it will work:
1. Submit your name and recipe (including any pictures of the dish you’d like to show us) to
* We will be compiling all submitted recipes in to a cook book that will be made available to students, and we’d love to reference who provided us with each recipe. If you do not wish to be named in the cookbook, please note this in your email.
You have until May 8th to submit your recipe.
2. Shortlisted recipes will be announced via our Facebook page on May 11th
3. Our Mediocre Chefs will start cooking! Keep an eye out for our SSU Chef Sessions as our highly trained and skilled judges try their hand at cooking your recipes at home. Each recipe will be reviewed and scored. Videos will be released May 18th. 
4. Final judging will take place and a winner for each category will be announced on May 20th. Each winner will receive an online gift card. 

SSU Netflix Watch Party Review: April 15th

SSU Netflix Watch Party

Thanks for joining in!

The SSU sat down for yet another Brooklyn Nine-Nine watch part viewing last night. Thanks to those who joined in and we hope you enjoyed.

Why watch parties?
You could watch a show without us getting involved right, so why join in?

The way we see it, whether you’re stuck at home alone or sharing a space with a bunch of besties – sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else to hang out with. Perhaps your love of all things Terry is not shared with your housemates. Maybe your roomies don’t appreciate your Gina‘tude. But we will. We’re here to share and here to care.

If you’re part of a student club and would like to host a watch party, get in touch with the SSU – we’d love to promote your event. The more the merrier!


Watch Party Recap: Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

Whips, Ships and Archaeological Trips…plus a bunch of other transportation devices, explosions and a few ancient relics.

The History Society Watch Party Recap

Preparing ourselves for what’s to come

It was Friday night and we were feeling alright as we logged in for yet another Watch Party – this time, hosted by the History Society.

Me prepping my sick comments for the chat room

Tonight’s viewing? 1981 action adventure film, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. As the first Instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise, this film was not about to settle for simply one adventure when you could have it all. Oh, and let’s make the first scene a sequel to the next Indiana Jones movie, that we release 3 YEARS AFTER THIS ONE. Because why not.

It’s a busy schedule for this whip cracking, college teaching, gruffly speaking archaeologist as the film moves from South America, on to the US, a quick pit stop in Nepal to set some stuff on fire and punch some Nazis, before finally ending up in Cairo.

Within the first 5 minutes of the film, we saw vine swinging, whip cracking, betrayal, shiny objects, and boulder dashing à la Crash.

Running away from my problems

So of course it was not long before the History Soc had placed in to effect some viewing games that let’s just say, were achieved more quickly than anyone had thought possible…

We were in for a bumpy ride

All in all, this film has adventure, high speed chases, explosions, fisticuffs, a half assed romance, snakes and more. It is action packed, and quickly shot to highest grossing film of 1981 for good reason. The History Society definitely took us on a history lesson of a sort with this one, with the added bonus of History Soc Leader Blaine throwing in some fun behind the scenes facts.

Cheers for the watch!



Technology Tips

General Technology Tips

  • Try to minimise the number of devices using your Internet connection at any one time, especially in peak time periods
  • Ensure devices that are connected to the Internet are switched ‘OFF’ overnight to eliminate unnecessary downloading of data
  • Keep your modem/router in a central location in the home, ideally close to where you’re working from. Wi-Fi Routers work best with a clear line of sight, ideally 1.5 to 2 metres off the ground. If they are housed in a cupboard, under a desk, or at the other end of your house this will reduce the speed you receive
  • Try and keep your Wi-Fi modem away from common Wi-Fi blockers including TVs and other digital devices, doorbell receivers, microwave ovens, fridges, fish tanks, mirrors, brick walls and doors.
  • Once a week, turn your modem off and back on. Modem/routers are, essentially, tiny computers which sometimes need a reboot to get things working smoothly again. Ideally you should unplug it from power, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in
  • Download PDF copies of key resources, where possible, to reduce the demand on your Internet service
  • Take particular care of your device – do not consume food or drink near it. Be mindful of where the device (charger) is plugged in. Watch out for any tripping hazards
  • Students should ensure their device is up to date, installing any available updates where possible
  • Students should back up their work regularly
  • Students should make sure there is enough storage space on their device by removing any unnecessary files (such as Games, Movies, Music, lol!)


Please note that this information about Home Internet and Data Support is correct as at 3 April 2020. Please check each carrier’s website for further and up-to-date information, including any changes made to their policies regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.



Internet Customers

Until 30 April 2020, Telstra are providing unlimited data for all personal and small business customers with home broadband plans (ADSL, NBN and Cable). Data will be automatically provided to you, at no extra charge. No action is required.

Mobile services on a plan (including Post-Paid personal and small business mobiles) and Mobile Broadband services

Customers can register for 25GB of extra data to use in Australia within 30 days if they register via the Telstra 24×7 or My Telstra apps.

Prepaid Mobile

Customers with an active recharge of $40 or more can register for 10GB of extra data to use in Australia via the Telstra 24×7 or My Telstra apps.


More information is available at


Internet Customers

For the months of April and May, Optus are providing Home Broadband Customers with an unlimited data allowance (not available for 4G or 5G Broadband services). Data will be automatically provided to you, at no extra charge. No action is required.

Post-Paid Mobile

Post-Paid mobile customers are eligible for a one-off add on of 20GB bonus data per service which can be activated through the My Optus app. The data is valid for 30 days from activation.

Prepaid Mobile

Prepaid mobile customers will receive a bonus 10GB additional data when they recharge $40 or more during the month of April 2020.


Late payment fees, disconnections, and credit collection activities will be waived until April 30th.


At the time of writing this letter, Optus have announced that they will be waiving their Post-Paid Mobile Access fees for Registered Healthcare workers for three months. They will release more information about specific eligibility criteria, and the application process, shortly.


More information is available


Prepaid Mobile

Vodafone is providing a one-off 10GB bonus data allowance for prepaid mobile customers. The offer will be sent to these customers via an opt-in SMS from 31/03/20, with customers required to opt-in by texting the word ‘BOOST’ to 1263. Data will be applied within 72 hours. Data for use in Australia only and expires 30 days from receiving. You must redeem by 30/04/20. Customers who recharge their prepaid service before 30/4/2020 will also receive a bonus 3GB data.

Post-Paid Mobile (customers who are not on an unlimited data plan)

Post-Paid mobile customers will receive an additional 5GB of data. That data will be added to all plans by 27/03/20, and can be used over the next month. Customers won’t need to do anything to activate this bonus data.

All Customers – unlimited Standard National Calls

Have unlimited standard national calls until the end of April.


To ensure unrestricted access to essential health information, accessing Federal Government Department of Health and State and Territory Health Department websites won’t contribute to the data usage of customers on the Vodafone network. Vodafone is not charging any late payment fees, suspending services or chasing debt collection for overdue accounts. This will continue from 26 March until at least 30 April 2020.


At the time of writing this letter, Vodafone have announced that they will be waiving their Monthly Access fees for Registered Healthcare workers for two months. Pre-Paid customers will receive two times the value of their current Pre- Paid recharge. Vodafone will release more information about specific eligibility criteria, and the application process, shortly.


Aussie Broadband

Internet Customers

All plans will be automatically upgraded to include unlimited data between the hours of 6am and 6pm. NBN 12 Customers will be upgraded to NBN 25 Speeds at no extra cost.



Internet Customers

All broadband plans will be upgraded to include unlimited data until 30 April 2020.



Post Paid Mobile Plans

Until 15 April 2020:

$10 plans will receive 10GB bonus data. $20 plans will receive 20GB bonus data. $30 plans will receive 20GB bonus data. $40 plans will receive unlimited data. All plans will be updated to unlimited talk and text.



Broadband and NBN Customers

All existing customers will automatically receive unlimited data until 31 May 2020.


Pay TV Subscriptions

Existing Foxtel and Foxtel Now subscribers will have access to TV channels and on demand libraries across Drama, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Documentary, and Kids categories until May 31st Sports subscribers will have access to all ten movie channels until June 30th.



At the time of writing this letter, Virgin Mobile, TPG, Dodo, iPrimus and iiNet did not appear to have a COVID-19 arrangement or offering of additional data.


FAQ – What’s Affecting Students Mental Health

Swinburne Student Union is aware that the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted students in varying ways. It is understandable that during times like this, people may be feeling worried, anxious and/or overwhelmed by the constantly changing environment that has been brought about due to the spread of the virus. It is clear from our Student Impact Survey that students are concerned about their mental health and the flow on effects that this may have on study, grades and relationships.


YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Issues affecting our students and their mental health


I live on campus, but I want to move out – What can I do?

Feeling stressed due to financial hardship? Worried about your on-campus living situation in light of the current Government advice around social distancing? Feeling anxious about being away from family during this time?

Any student who breaks their lease during this time will not be penalised. Contact to discuss your options surrounding on-campus accommodation.


I’m worried that my grades will drop due to COVID-19 – What if I fail a subject?

Swinburne has made the decision that students who fail this semester will not have their fail grades recorded on their academic transcript and any fail grades this semester will not have an impact on your grade point average (GPA).

Please note: you will need to repeat the unit that was failed if it is a core or pre-requisite unit, and you will be charged fees for the unit. More info around enrolment can be found here.


I’m suffering financially – Where can I get help?

On top of the Australian Government’s Coronavirus Supplement payment, Swinburne has established their own Student Emergency Fund for students who have been impacted by an emergency, including COVID-19. Eligible students will be able to access a one-off grant of up to $1,000. You can submit your application online. Please note that if you are currently receiving ABSTUDY, Austudy or Youth Allowance you will not be eligible.



The SSU are acutely aware of how important it is for students to not only be able to manage their mental health, but to also be supported professionally and personally throughout their education. We have put together a list of resources that are currently available in Australia and we encourage anyone experiencing any distress, anxiety, depression or other changes to their mental health to seek out support.


What is Mental Health?

If you are unsure about how to define the term mental health, or think you may be experiencing changes in your own mental health, then check out Headspace. They have a whole section dedicated to explaining the different ways in which young people may be affected by mental health, explanations of various disorders, and helpful tools for coping.


Managing Mental Health During COVID-19

Lifeline have put together a great list of mental health and wellbeing tips to help you look after yourself and others during these difficult times. Some of our favourite tips include:

Show compassion and kindness to one another

Connect with family and friends

Create a daily routine that includes things you enjoy, and projects that you have been putting off

Limit your news and media exposure

For a full list of handy wellbeing tips, check out their page.


Counselling and Services

Beyond Blue is currently building a dedicated COVID-19 Mental Health Support Service. This service will offer free counselling by mental health professionals for all people in Australia 24/7, both online and over the phone. Keep an eye out for this service via their website.

If you’re having concerns over something unrelated to COVID-19, you can also check out this comprehensive list of available support services, with listings for support including mental health, multicultural communities, sexual assault, domestic/family violence and more.

The Victorian Government Health Information site also allows you to search for mental health services located near you, including maps and descriptions of services.

Swinburne University also offers student support through Wellbeing at Swinburne, as well as the Out of Hours Crisis Line – which is available from 4pm – 10am weekdays and 24hours on weekends and public holidays. Call 1300 854 144 or text 0488 884 145 to access this service. For International Students, Swinburne’s International Student Advisers can be reached via email or phone including 24-hour urgent assistance.


To find out answers to other Frequently Asked Questions or to ask your own, visit our COVID-19 FAQ page


FAQ Regarding Renting During Covid-19

Worried about your rights when it comes to renting during Covid-19? We have compiled a list of facts to help you navigate through what is and is not allowed when it comes to renting.

We highly encourage all renting students to check out Consumer Affairs Victoria for a full list of resources that may provide some clarity around your personal situation.


What if I can no longer pay my rent?

Contact your landlord/agent as soon as possible and explain your situation. Seek to agree on a possible payment plan, and get it confirmed in writing.

Tenants Victoria have confirmed that as of 29/03/2020, National Cabinet has agreed to a moratorium (a pause) on evictions over the next six months for “commercial and residential tenancies in financial distress who are unable to meet their commitments due to the impact of coronavirus”. They will look to release more details on this when possible.

Due to the changing circumstances surrounding these guidelines, Tenants Victoria are asking people to share how the COVID-19 shutdowns are affecting their renting situation: you can tell them your story here.


I’ve lost my job and can’t pay rent, but I’m on a fixed term tenancy.

If you would like to leave the property/cancel your tenancy before your agreement has ended, contact your landlord in the first instance to try and negotiate an early end. If they do not agree, tenants can then apply to VCAT based on financial hardship.

If you are still worried, some non-for-profit groups may be able to help. Some tenants may be eligible for referral to a financial counsellor. Start by contacting the National Debt Helpline to find out more.


Can a landlord inspect my house right now?

Agents can still conduct private inspections of residential properties so long as the social distancing rule is adhered to, however if you have conditions that make you exceptionally vulnerable to COVID-19, you can apply to VCAT to make an order that you be “exempted” from certain provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic) such as entry by other people into your rented home.


Where can I get help?

For legal advice, search for your local Tenancy Assistance & Advocacy Program

For financial support, check your eligibility for various benefits with Aus Gov Services

For Crisis Accommodation and help if you are being evicted, contact DHHS

If you want to talk to someone about how your rental situation has affected you, the Swinburne Crisis Line is still operational over weekends, and from 5pm – 9am weekdays.

Phone: 1300 854 144

SMS: 0488 884 145


SSU Watch Party Recap: Brooklyn 99

We logged in, we watched, we conquered

With 2 minute noodle dinner and whatever beverage could be found in the fridge in hand, a group of Swinburne students gathered for their first Netflix Watch Party. The mood was tense as your guest SSU host for the evening managed to leave the group entirely and start a new watch party, guest list: party of one…

Luckily, a number of brave participants made the journey across the cyber seas to find their clearly inadequate captain for the evening, and the viewing party was saved!

The Show? Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Episode? A Halloween special of course. Nothing like a good heist to get conversation going on a Thursday night. The watch party group chat was rife with nine-nine quotes, debate over the best Halloween special, and talk of shady health product pyramid schemes.

At the end of the viewing, the decision was unanimous. Should a heist take place at Swinburne, our beloved Alex the Lion would be the target. Cheer up Alex – at least you got a mention. Overall, we had a great turn out of viewers for our first watch party and really appreciated the chat group banter. The SSU will be looking to run more of these events, so keep an eye out for future dates and opportunities to submit your viewing requests!


Update on SSU Services 24.04.2020

In response to COVID-19 and in consultation with Swinburne, we have made the tough decision to close our office and on campus services until further notice. We don’t make this decision lightly and we will continue to work remotely to provide as much support to students as we can ❤

Please stay up to date with us via this website, our members email and our social channels. We are currently working on ways to assist you during this time.


Update on SSU Services 20.04.2020

As you’re aware Swinburne is currently navigating through a period of change as we shift practice to address Covid-19/Coronavirus concerns and advice.
Classes are on pause until Monday 23rd of March when they will be resuming online (read more about this here).
The Swinburne Student Union wants to continue to support you, and we have been working on ways to assist you during this time. Please see below for an update on our services.

Free Daily Breakfasts

To avoid unnecessary contact points and students gathering, our Free Daily Breakfast in the Hammer & Swine has been changed to a ‘Grab & Go’ option available at the SSU Office (UN Level 4).We will have a rotating range of foods – this week we have fresh pink lady apples, blueberry and banana muffins and muesli bars.

Free Members BBQs

Until further notice, all weekly BBQs will be cancelled. In the interim, we are looking at other ways that we may be able to continue welfare services/make up for the pause in our usual weekly activity, and we will let students know as soon as we start our regular BBQ service again.

SSU Printing Room

The SSU printing room is still in operation, though please note changed opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 10am – 4pm

We will also be enforcing the following health and safety rules:
-Keep your visit to <10 minutes
-Only come to the printing room if you are needing to print (do NOT come up with your friends)
-Do not use the printing room computers for study

New: Emergency Supply Cupboard

With many casual workers being out of jobs and panic buying preventing easy access to grocery supplies, the SSU have decided to open an SSU Emergency Supply for grocery and sanitary items.
The SSU Emergency Supplies is intended for disadvantaged students and will be set up next to the SSU Office (Level 4 UN Building).

Hammer & Swine & Croydon Cafe

Unfortunately, ongoing challenges from COVID-19 mean we are suspending trading of Hammer & Swine and the Croydon Campus Café from the end of this week. Both services will remain closed until at least after the Easter holiday period, with updates provided as available.

Queer & Women’s Spaces

If you are struggling to find a place to study at home, the Women’s and Queer spaces are still open. (Note: We do not recommend more than 10 people at a time in these spaces)


Our volunteers are the driving force behind our regular student services -running our free breakfast service, cooking up a storm at Wednesday BBQ’s and rolling around the library handing out snacks from our Welfare Trolley. Their dedication to providing these services to all students has and will continue to be greatly appreciated.

While on-campus classes and regular services are paused, our Volunteers will not be asked to take on shifts in the same capacity as what has previously been done. As we look at alternate ways for the SSU to continue services to students, volunteers will remain updated on any shift opportunities that become available. SSU is still accepting applications for new volunteers as we continue to provide volunteers with online resources and updates on possible opportunities.


Coronavirus – Media Release 4th Feb 2020

Full Media Release: Coronavirus Release


As a student representative organization, Swinburne Student Union holds considerable concern for the health and wellbeing of any and all students, staff and community members that may be impacted either directly or indirectly from the emergence of the Novel Coronavirus.

Currently, Swinburne Student Union is continuing to consult with Swinburne University management surrounding the university’s existing and emerging response to this situation.

We have received recent advice from Swinburne stating there no plans to delay the start of the teaching semester at this time. Equally, all campus based O-Week and Welcome-Back Week activities are authorised to continue as planned.

We are further advised students can expect direct correspondence from the University regarding any additional potential plans soon.

As new details and actions come to light, SSU intends to continue providing University management with considered feedback and assistance to ensure any negative impacts to the student experience are appropriately understood, considered and mitigated.

Advice from the Health Authorities

On 1 February, the Australian Government announced that no one travelling from mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) would be allowed to enter Australia unless they are Australian citizens, permanent residents or immediate family members (spouses, legal guardians or dependents).

Based on advice from the Australian Government:

  • If a person has travelled to mainland China within the past 14 days, they must isolate themselves for 14 days after leaving mainland China.
  • If a person has been in close contact with a confirmed case of novel coronavirus, they must isolate themselves for 14 days after last contact with the confirmed case.

If you become unwell during this time, call the Swinburne Clinic at (03) 9214 8483, 1300 854 144 (out of hours) or the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services’ hotline on 1800 675 398

To protect yourself and others:

  • Avoid contact with anyone who has a fever or cough
  • Cover your mouth or nose with a tissue or flexed elbow when coughing or sneezing.
  • Frequently cleaning hands is also advised and Swinburne is providing hand sanitiser for reception and common areas across our campuses.

Symptoms include (but are not limited to) fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath.


International Students

Any international Swinburne students currently in China and needing advice can speak to an international student advisor at


Classes Commencement

The Swinburne Student Union is has reached out for confirmation from Swinburne University regarding any changes in commencement schedule for classes. As of now there has been no communication regarding change of schedule, we will update you as soon as information is received.


Respectful Behaviour

The Swinburne Student Union strongly supports inclusivity and being respectful to everyone in the community. Everyone has the right to feel safe and supported on campus, free from discrimination, harassment and assault.

The SSU wants to explicitly condemn any xenophobic behaviour that arises in the wake of this virus and remind any students who require support to reach out to Swinburne’s Safer Communities program at .


More information can be found at:


Param Mahal

SSU President

Ailish Murphy-McKay

SSU Communications Officer