SSU provides a number of amazing free and heavily discounted services.

As a Swinburne Student and SSU Member you have a range of benefits provided to you by SSU. These benefits include: free breakfast, free bbq, food bank, $1.80 free printing credit per day and more!

Breakfast Program

Join us for our free breakfast program from 8-10AM every Monday - Wednesday between Week 2 and 12 in the George Building. On Thursdays and Fridays between 10-12PM you can grab yourself a breakfast pack on Level 2 UN Building.​

Free Members' BBQ

Every Wednesday join us on John St (next to the bridge) for our free member's bbq.  Get your hands on free halal beef snags or vege snags. Non Members can purchase a snag for $2.


Food Bank

Access our Food Bank once per week and grab 5 free items to add to your pantry at home. We offer food staples ranging from pasta to milk as well as hygiene products including toothpaste and sanitary pads / tampons.

Free Printing

Members are allocated $1.80 worth of free printing per day (that's 20 black and white pages). All you need to do is visit us on Level 2 UN Building and ask one of our friendly staff for help.


Locker Hire

Lockers are located on Level 4 of the UN Building and are available to rent on a Semester (from $60) or Full year basis (from $80). Fill in the following form to rent a locker and then email us at to arrange payment.

Exam Help Desk

The exam help stall run by the Education Department with the support of our volunteers.  It exists to provide essential stationary, calculators and snacks to students before their exams.

welfare on wheels

Welfare on Wheels

Welfare on Wheels is run by the Welfare Department with support of our volunteers. In Week 12 you should see our lovely team come by with free snack packs, fruit and beverages to help sustain your study.