SSAF Breakdown

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The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is a fee charged to Swinburne higher education students for services and amenities. This includes subsidised food offerings, sports and recreational activities, student clubs and societies, support services including counselling and advocacy and improving facilities.

Higher education students including international students at Swinburne pay SSAF. The vast majority of SSU’s income is derived from this funding which we use to invest in your Swinburne journey across a number of services.

What does Swinburne spend your SSAF money on?

The University expects to collect $6.75 million in SSAF fees in 2022. To find out how the university is spending this money, click here.

Of the total SSAF collected by the University, SSU was awarded a grant of $720,500 for 2022 to provide activities and services. This represents only 10.5% of the total SSAF funding collected by Swinburne from eligible Swinburne students.

The SSU are committed to establishing a ‘pathway to parity’ funding model with Swinburne by ensuring that Swinburne fully funds our student association for costs incurred in providing services to Swinburne. In 2022, the current gap in funding is estimated to be $67,000 (subject to securing the $720,000 of funding in our 2022 SSAF agreement).

How will the SSU be spending the 2022 SSAF grant money?

The Swinburne Student Union ensures that we spend every dollar received from the SSAF Grant on events and services that enhance the Swinburne experience. We’re ran independently to the university and maintain our own operational staff supported by the Swinburne Student Council – an elected board of student representatives who decide the annual budget of the association.

The services and activities we’re investing in include:


Advocacy and Financial Counselling

We’re providing independent referrals to Swinburne Student Life on behalf of students on a number of academic issues. Swinburne Student Life receive funding from the University to provide trained advocacy staff for students.

SSU are launching our Financial Counselling service in Semester two to provide financial support to students including access to expert advice on budgeting and managing your financial needs during your Swinburne journey.



SSU runs our Semester Events Program including our famous SSU Thursday nights at Hawthorn’s Hammer and Swine Campus Bar as well as awareness weeks including SHAG Week for students across the Hawthorn Campus. Social life is a critical part of your Swinburne experience.


Student Representation

Up to 23 student directors (office bearers) are elected annually by Swinburne students to ensure you are represented at the highest levels of Swinburne in decision-making and advocating for your needs during your Swinburne journey.


SWINE Magazine

We fund SWINE – Swinburne’s premier print and digital magazine that is entirely student developed and operated. It is a critical platform for free flowing ideas and creativity and is printed quarterly and distributed on campus and through online channels.



Our Foodbank Program is providing essential grocery and food staples for hundreds of Swinburne students to get you through the academic year. This program includes direct support for basic food items including personal hygiene and sexual health products.


BBQ and Breakfast Programs

Our BBQ and Breakfast programs are provided during Semesters one and two with our daily breakfast program supporting hundreds of Swinburne students and our weekly BBQ on Wednesdays providing sustenance to get you ready to go for your lecture or assessment!



Not to mention we also provide a whole lot of free stuff, ticketed events and activities and much, much more!