SSU Masters of Cooking

The SSU proudly presents ‘Masters in Cooking’ – a cooking competition from your home to ours. We want you to submit your favourite recipe for your chance to win!

Your recipe can be sweet, savoury, crazy or simple. The most exciting/delicious sounding recipes will be shortlisted, and our SSU Mediocre Chefs will then film themselves cooking your signature dish at home! Dishes will be judged based on taste, skill level required, and ability to cook in any kitchen.

There will be prizes in 3 categories:
1. Best Savoury Dish
2. Best Sweet Dish
3. Best ‘On a Budget’ Meal
And the best bit? ALL of the recipes submitted will be compiled in to an SSU cookbook for students! This is your chance to share your culinary masterpiece with the world.
Will you be the first SSU Master in Cooking?
How it will work:
1. Submit your name and recipe (including any pictures of the dish you’d like to show us) to
* We will be compiling all submitted recipes in to a cook book that will be made available to students, and we’d love to reference who provided us with each recipe. If you do not wish to be named in the cookbook, please note this in your email.
You have until May 8th to submit your recipe.
2. Shortlisted recipes will be announced via our Facebook page on May 11th
3. Our Mediocre Chefs will start cooking! Keep an eye out for our SSU Chef Sessions as our highly trained and skilled judges try their hand at cooking your recipes at home. Each recipe will be reviewed and scored. Videos will be released May 18th. 
4. Final judging will take place and a winner for each category will be announced on May 20th. Each winner will receive an online gift card. 
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