SSU Netflix Watch Party Review: April 15th

SSU Netflix Watch Party

Thanks for joining in!

The SSU sat down for yet another Brooklyn Nine-Nine watch part viewing last night. Thanks to those who joined in and we hope you enjoyed.

Why watch parties?
You could watch a show without us getting involved right, so why join in?

The way we see it, whether you’re stuck at home alone or sharing a space with a bunch of besties – sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else to hang out with. Perhaps your love of all things Terry is not shared with your housemates. Maybe your roomies don’t appreciate your Gina‘tude. But we will. We’re here to share and here to care.

If you’re part of a student club and would like to host a watch party, get in touch with the SSU – we’d love to promote your event. The more the merrier!

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