SSU @ TAG – Networking for better student outcomes

From April 30 to May 2, SSU President Sam Roberts and SSU Executive Officer Matt Posetti, attended the annual Tertiary Access Group (TAG) CampusLink conference at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

TAG is the peak industry association operating for and owned by its 70-plus member organisations, including Swinburne Student Union, as well as universities, other student unions, student guilds and associations, and campus sports associations.

TAG members provide a range of critical and beneficial activities and services for students right throughout Australia. TAG members are regularly responsible for the delivery of student support services including:

  • welfare and advocacy
  • volunteering and outreach programs
  • cafes, food and beverage outlets and bars
  • stationery and convenience stores
  • events and activities
  • orientation weeks
  • national competitions
  • sports and fitness
  • entertainment
  • student director and clubs and society support

“This is a crucial opportunity to network with other organisations that are working within the same space, and working with many of the same objectives we hold” said SSU’s President, Sam Roberts.

“But attending these conferences is about more than just networking, it’s about hearing how other universities and other student unions are helping students to succeed. It’s about developing our own good ideas, about hearing of national issues impacting students in tertiary education, and about keeping our own focus on the main game; ensuring every Swinburne student receives the best chance of success”.

The Welcome and Opening included a keynote address by Professor Susan Elliott, AM, Deputy VC and Vice President (Education) at Monash University who spoke on the transformational power of inclusive education, and the critical need to ensure that the tertiary student voice is heard clearly.

This theme of empowering students was continued by Professor Sally Varnham, from the University of Technology Sydney, who delivered a impressive presentation and conducted a subsequent workshop on the critical need to create a national framework for student partnership in university decision making and governance.

“Sally’s presentation was excellent. She is incredibly passionate about achieving authentic student participation within university governance and service delivery. Just like SSU, Sally knows that without real student input within these university processes, the bureaucracy can sometimes work in direct conflict with actual student needs” said Sam.

Other highlights from the conference included:

  • Rachel Perkin, an International Education Consultant, who spoke in detail upon the 2017 International Student Barometer Results
  • A panel discussion comprised of current student representative leaders from across Australia, moderated by Lowan Sist, Executive Officer of the Monash Student Association
  • As well as the TAG Trade Fair, showcasing a variety of commercial services and sample products from TAG suppliers and vendors

For further comment please contact:

Mr Sam Roberts
SSU President
0401 503 150
Or Mr Matt Posetti
SSU Executive Officer
0437 59 59 00
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