SSU Watch Party Recap: Brooklyn 99

We logged in, we watched, we conquered

With 2 minute noodle dinner and whatever beverage could be found in the fridge in hand, a group of Swinburne students gathered for their first Netflix Watch Party. The mood was tense as your guest SSU host for the evening managed to leave the group entirely and start a new watch party, guest list: party of one…

Luckily, a number of brave participants made the journey across the cyber seas to find their clearly inadequate captain for the evening, and the viewing party was saved!

The Show? Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Episode? A Halloween special of course. Nothing like a good heist to get conversation going on a Thursday night. The watch party group chat was rife with nine-nine quotes, debate over the best Halloween special, and talk of shady health product pyramid schemes.

At the end of the viewing, the decision was unanimous. Should a heist take place at Swinburne, our beloved Alex the Lion would be the target. Cheer up Alex – at least you got a mention. Overall, we had a great turn out of viewers for our first watch party and really appreciated the chat group banter. The SSU will be looking to run more of these events, so keep an eye out for future dates and opportunities to submit your viewing requests!

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