Swinburne Student Survival Guide

Swinburne Student Survival Guide

Hey, Swinnies! This student survival guide is a quick and easy place to get information for university students. Learn the best ways to make friends, budget, have fun, and make the most of your university experience.


Vanessa - Your second year student.

5 ways to make new friends and socialise

Learn the best places and ways to make friends

7 student budgeting tips

Learn how to save and budget while studying with Swinburne

8 tips on keeping your mental health in check

A few tips from us to help you maintain good mental health

How to get assignment help?

Assignment helpers who can make your life as a student much easier

How can you stay stylish on a budget?

The best ways to have a slay outfit without breaking the bank

How to have fun on a student budget?

Tips on making lots of memories while saving money

How do you travel around Australia as a student?

Cheap travel starts today with Student Universe and more

How to eat well on a tight budget?

Start eating well with us because your health matters