Join a Volunteering Team

When you become an SSU Volunteer you'll be allocated into one of our teams! 

In these teams you'll be competing against each other to win points and to determine which team is the best!

You'll get to plan your own events, help out during breakfasts and bbqs and use your own special skillsets to bring value to the Swinburne community!


Every hour you put into volunteering will be converted into points which can be redeemed for prizes (including gift cards, drink cards and more).

Volunteers will be invited to special events where they get to socialize, network, compete and enjoy their time with their peers.

Volunteers will also have an opportunity to win an award and a large gift card at the end of the year.

Lastly, the best reward of them all. Volunteers will get to make lifelong friendships and develop worthwhile employability skills and recognition from SSU and Swinburne University.