SSU Voucher Program

SSU Voucher Program

Swinburne Student Union are proud to partner with Swinburne University to deliver the next phase of our voucher assistance program providing $8,000 of vouchers to Swinburne students ranging from Myki and Coles Food/Fuel vouchers up for grabs to help you in your Swinburne journey. 

If you would like to apply, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details, including voucher collection requirements and application process. 

The SSU is continuing to work on projects and seeking support for both Domestic and International students and would encourage all students to reach out with questions or concerns that you may currently have.  

Please note

  • Allocation of Concessional Myki money cards are directed towards Domestic students only. Full-fare Myki cards are available for international students. The Myki cards available are Tertiary Concession and Health Care Concession cards. Students who apply for a Myki money voucher must ensure they are eligible for one of these options. 
  • Allocation of food vouchers are open to Domestic students only. 
  • For more information read the full terms and conditions below. 
Terms and Conditions
Swinburne Student Union retains the right to select who receives the available vouchers based on met criteria eligibility and voucher availability.

Applicants must be a current Swinburne Student in order to be eligible for consideration.

Students must submit a completed application form with correct email and valid student ID to be eligible for consideration.

Students will be asked to provide a short description of their current needs, and reasons for their voucher application.

Allocation of Myki student concession cards are directed towards Domestic students only. Allocation of Myki full-fare cards are available to both Domestic and International students. Successful applicants will be decided by the SSU and the option of which type of card is not subject to choice and remains the domain of the SSU to determine.

Allocation of food vouchers are open to Domestic and International students.

We encourage students from regional and remote areas, first nations and those struggling financially to apply. Please note that these vouchers are designed to assist students who identify as having lower socio-economic status at the present time.

Vouchers may be digital or hard copy. Students will be allocated available vouchers at random (digital or hard copy), and agree to the requirements of collection for hard copy vouchers. SSU cannot guarantee voucher preference.

Students who are allocated a physical voucher agree to collect their voucher from the SSU Office during business hours, situated on Wakefield Street, Hawthorn Campus, Swinburne University of Technology.

The application and allocation of vouchers will be considered from Monday, 4 March 2024 and close Monday, 25th March 2024. You may submit an application at any time during this period, and each application will be assessed individually.

Submitting an application does not guarantee automatic receipt of, or approval to receive a voucher. The SSU will be assessing application eligibility based on student type, regional and remote identifiers, and current socio-economic status in line with voucher criteria.

Vouchers winners will be announced from Thursday, 28th March 2024 and must be collected within 14 days of receiving email notification of winning a voucher. Failure to after 14 days will result in the voucher being re-allocated to another applicant.

By completing the application, the student agrees to SSU storing personal contact details, and acknowledges that they may be contacted by the SSU in relation to future promotional or advocacy activity. The student has the right to opt out of any future correspondence via unsubscribing where available, or via direct email reply.

The SSU has the right to end the program at any time should they see fit based on available voucher allocation.