SGM Notice


Notice is given that a Special General Meeting of the Swinburne Student Union Incorporated will be held on Wednesday 20 September 2023 commencing at 12:00pm, with registration opening at 11:30am, at AMDC 301.

It is intended that the following motion be proposed as a Special Resolution:

That the Constitution of the Swinburne Student Union Incorporated comprising its rules be amended as follows:



Insert Clause 73:

  1. Special Provision for 2023 Officeholders

73.1 Any person who was an Officer or a member of an SSU Body at 20 September 2023 will continue in office until 31 October 2024.


Amend Clause 24.4, 33.1 and 33.2 to:

Add the words ‘unless clause 73 applies’ at the end of each respective clause.


Amend Clause 71.1(n) to:

Add a line space after ‘v. To wind up SSU;’ with the next part then following on in its own line, ‘which may only be passed at a general meeting where:’

            Delete the word ‘and’ before members in part ‘v’.

Purpose: The rationale for these changes is in response to ongoing discussions between SSU and the University about creating a consolidated student services entity. These changes will provide for a focus to be given to those discussions and for negotiations to continue as efficiently as possible by delaying any requirement for an annual election until September next year. An administrative amendment is made in the case of amendment to clause 71.1(n).

Please note that all members attending the SGM must have their student ID on their persons.