Student Council Members

Say hello to your student council members.

The SSU Student Council is the highest body within the SSU. These student representatives are the directors of the association and are elected annually by the Swinburne student community.

Student Council meets regularly to discuss issues of importance to the Swinburne community. As the governing body of the association, the Council has direct responsibility for ‘ensuring the proper management of the Union and its services’.

All officebearers undertake governance and leadership training each year as part of assisting them in understanding their duties as elected student representatives.



2024 Student Council

  • Kishaun Aloysius

  • Yashvi Chaudhary

    General Secretary
  • Gulrukh Abrar

    Education Officer
  • Tess Robb

    Welfare Officer
  • Benjamin Barrett

    Activities Officer
  • Sanara Galhenage

    Communications Officer
  • Arnav (Nav) Wali

    International Representative
  • ‘Suby’ Nishat Subha

    Queer Representative
  • Mehak Malhotra

    Women's Representative
  • Zunayed Mustafa

    Postgraduate Representative
  • Georgie McDaid

    General Representative

Kishaun Aloysius


Kishaun Aloysius is a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Biochemistry student, and a seasoned Swinburnian in his final year. He has dedicated his time to everything Swinburne has to offer, with a keen interest in clubs, sports, and student affairs. In his second year as the Education Officer, he aims to continue his work and improve the education experience for all.
Kishaun is dedicated to living life to the fullest and helping every Swinburne student experience a great university life. If you’re keen to talk footy, NFL, life’s complexities, science, films, raves, and his former martial art championships please hit him up! Get in touch with him on FB, email or catch him at his regular spots, the Hammer and Swine or the library.

Yashvi Chaudhary

General Secretary

I am an international student from New Delhi and love to explore new places where I can find my delhi food.

I love to get involved in different activities held in and around campus. I am a part of various clubs, including being the part of the executive team of Swinburne Punjabi Club.

I have also been an active student union volunteer and tried to contribute my part to Swinburne.

I always try to seize every opportunity to be the voice of those unheard and improve my own leadership skills. I might disagree at times, but I’d never say no to icecream.

Gulrukh Abrar

Education Officer

Tess Robb

Welfare Officer

Benjamin Barrett

Activities Officer

Sanara Galhenage

Communications Officer

Arnav (Nav) Wali

International Representative

‘Suby’ Nishat Subha

Queer Representative

Mehak Malhotra

Women's Representative

Heyy! I’m Mehak and I’m a 2nd year international student studying a Bachelor of Business at Swinburne, majoring in Business Analytics and Human Resource Management.

I’ve always had a keen interest in strategy, marketing and brand management which has only deepened during the course of my degree.

I’m currently focusing on building and getting into strategy consulting professionally. I love my books and travel and I could never say no to good food and a cute day out with my girls!

Having worked in Menstrual Health and Hygiene back home in India has only strengthened and increased my commitment towards working for and supporting welfare of women.

I’m looking forward to working towards student welfare and issues at a larger capacity while making uni a fun experience for students! 

Zunayed Mustafa

Postgraduate Representative

I like to roam around in the city during my free time and find new places to visit. I also like to play video games on my ps4 or watch any random movies in my leisure.

I am also a volunteer in the Swinburne Islamic Society and actively participate in organizing events for the club specially in the holy month of Ramadan.

I am also passionate about student rights and engagement and creating a campus for all types of students from all backgrounds

Georgie McDaid

General Representative

The SWINE Magazine Editors

  • Zara Kernan

    SWINE Editor
  • Sophie Robertson

    SWINE Designer

Zara Kernan

SWINE Editor

Hi everyone,

My name is Zara and I’m so excited to be editor of swine this year.

I’m in my final year of studying a Bachelor of Media and Communication and I’ve been a sub-editor for swine since 2022.

I want swine to continue being an inclusive, creative outlet for all students – and an opportunity for them to get their work published.

I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s wonderful work!


Sophie Robertson

SWINE Designer

Hello world!


I’m Sophie (she/her, @misssophierobertson), your new Head Designer of Swine Magazine for 2023!

As a previous contributor (try to find some of my poems!), I hold Swine dearly in my heart as a platform for student creativity in all forms.

It is my hope to bring Swine forward in the public eye as a place for sharing our love of all things literature, design, media and more.

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Communication Design (Honours), which will be my third year in 2023.

Some of my outside-of-uni things are teaching little girls how to sing and dance, playing classical Piano and loving musicals!

I’m really excited to share my love of design with you all, stay tuned as me and Fantine (our fabulous editor!) transform Swine into something even greater than before.


Stay fresh!