Results & Winners!

Results and winners of SSU Student Services, Needs & wants Survey

Over the past month SSU invited students to provide feedback on their experience of life and services at Swinburne University. To capture this information, we conducted a survey that identified 34 key areas. We then asked students to provide two ratings against each area:

  1. How ‘important’ the area was to them, and
  2. How ‘satisfied’ they were with the current offering

We are happy to advise the results are now in, and will be providing SSU with a wealth of detailed information that will help in shaping our strategies now and into the future.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, areas that rated as having the highest importance to students included campus study spaces, library services, career & employment services, discounted printing, and tutor and teacher access. Happily the library, SSU’s discount printing, and availability of teachers and tutors also rated high on the Satisfaction scale, alongside SSU’s free weekly BBQs and the Hammer & Swine.

Yet beyond identifying what works well, we also sought to identify student pain-points; those areas that are considered important, but for which satisfaction levels are sadly lagging…

Feedback provided through the survey pointed to some clear ‘gaps’ between student expectations and their experience of the following services:

  • Scholarships and financial support
  • Campus sporting facilities & equipment
  • Student legal advice
  • Housing & accommodation services
  • Careers & employment services
  • Student rights and advocacy


But beyond simply rating existing services, students also provided commentary on what other services should be offered to Swinburne students. More study spaces and lounges, more social events, enhanced student development programs, as well as even cheaper printing and food options were regular talking points. Yet perhaps the most common suggestion surrounded the creation of an on-campus and safe space for student powernaps… zzzzzz…

So where to from here? Over the next few weeks and months SSU will undertake some serious planning to help shape our focus throughout the rest of 2018 and into the next several years. The feedback provided will go towards informing our priorities, yet we remain keen to continue hearing of your experience and collecting your feedback.

Prize Winners

As an incentive for completing the survey, 19 lucky respondents have been selected to receive gift-prizes including a $50 voucher, SSU Tees, and 2for1 drink vouchers for the Hammer & Swine.  The lucky survey prize winners will be contacted by email over the following few days.

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