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Swinburne Meme Wars

We need your meme expertise! Create and submit a Swinburne related meme which will battle against other submissions in a Facebook meme wars showdown. The winner will be awarded a top prize of $100 VISA Giftcard.

You can use any meme you like as a base, but the final result must be Swinburne related.

Click here to submit your meme and look below for an example of a Swinburne meme.

Entry Restrictions: Entry is only available to current students of Swinburne University (as at 30.06.2020)
Submission Period: 11.06.2020 – 19.07.2020 11:59pm
Popular Vote Period: start – 27.07.2020, end – TBC based on number of entries. 
Up to 3 entries per person
The entries will be judged through popular vote on our Facebook page.
SSU reserves the right to reject any meme which is considered discriminatory, or overly offensive.